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Water Based Cannabis Shots

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Easy-Dose MCT


vegan / gluten free / ALL Natural / Single Source 

Find something to ENJOY today.


ENJOY shots are water-based, cannabis-infused beverages that come in handy two-ounce glass jars, containing 10 servings each. The Sativa Citrus, Indica Berry and Hybrid Punch flavors taste light and clean, without being overpoweringly sweet, and there’s also straight CBD and THC:CBD 1:1 varieties. Basically, there’s a way to make anything in life better with ENJOY. Need to sleep? Indica Berry. Chill out? CBD. Get some work done? Sativa Citrus. There’s a magic bottle to meet your every need. And it comes in glass, people! Recycle (or reuse) away.

Fun Fact

The bioavailability of water-based cannabis is processed more quickly in the upper GI tract, within 15-20 minutes, similarly to how alcohol is absorbed by the body — minus the hangover, of course!