Sustainability. What is it and How Can We Contribute?

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Sustainability is a huge concern in our society today, and its not a total surprise that the majority of people born in this day and age want to see more efforts put forth into sustainability. But what is sustainability and How can we contribute?

To sustain is the ability to maintain. The idea is to keep a balance of what is taken and what is given so that neither side comes out too depleted.

Can we create things that can easily go back into the earth just as easily as they came out of it? Can we simply re-think a concept and re-design it to make more eco-friendly? Can we develop a way of doing things that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future? We as creative, smart, human beings need to ask ourselves these questions and find new ways to re-approach our reality.

Many Pacific Northwest States are certainly a large part of the movement towards sustainability, and thankfully, there are many ways for your average person to contribute. One of the most simple ways as a consumer, is to make purchasing local products part of your everyday routine. If this type of change could make a difference in a small household, could you imagine the difference an entire business or product line could make if they made an effort to purchase locally?

Small Business Owners of ENJOY: Andy, Sara and their son John on their family farm in Coos Bay Oregon

Small local businesses, like ENJOY, often can’t compete with global brands. Admittedly, we do realize that it can be hard to find options that are sustainable. However, as a company we believe that this small concept can be applied to all aspects of life, even something as simple as marijuana edibles.

Andy and Sara (the owners of ENJOY) thought to themselves: What do we want in an edible? Something that is fast acting and effective, easy to access, free of sugars, gluten, and preservatives, as well as child and pet proof. Viola! ENJOY shots. Being environmentally conscious entrepreneurs, sustainability is an effort that is stitched into the very foundation of ENJOY's products.

It all begins at our beautiful family owned and operated farm in Coos Bay, Oregon. Our farm, known as The Chipper Chicken, is nestled in a sunny valley that was previously a 100(+) year old dairy farm. It's earth has been tilled naturally by the cows and farm animals that once roamed the land, creating superb soil for each and every budding beauty. Additionally, the Millacoma River runs adjacent to our crop, providing the The Chipper Chicken with the most natural way to water all the happy plants that are basking and growing in the Costal sunshine! It truly is the best foundation for our sustainable mentality and practices.

We use good old-fashioned manual labor to Harvest and cure each plant. After they are cured, they are wholly and fully extracted with CO2 to create strain specific full spectrum extract. The oil produced carries an entourage and onset of full effects, possessing: Δ-9-THC, Δ-9-THC-A, Δ-8-THC, THC-V, CBD, CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC etc. To further refine our already high quality extract, we blend it with Organic Cane Alcohol which naturally filters out fats to get constant, clean, potent, extract. We also decarboxylate THC without disturbing other cannabinoids, which creates an extract that is activated and holds the integrity of each cannabinoid. Many believe full spectrum extract to be superior to THC distillate because it lasts longer and it effects more senses. Sustainability is still in mind when we mix our product with distilled Oregon spring water and local natural flavors. After adding the flavor, ENJOY shots are bottled in 2oz glass bottles that can be reused or recycled! Glass is sustainable, B-PA free, and doesn’t interfere with the flavors of the beverage.

Teamwork makes the dream work at our small production facility. From farm to table- it is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite edible!

Enjoy today, and support sustainable local small businesses thrive.

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