ENJOY Cannabis Cocktails

Let us briefly re-imagine a world with more lenient Cannabis consumption laws: What if, one day, we live in a world where Cannabis Laws parallel Liquor Laws? It would be a day in age where adults over 21 can participate in designated smoke lounges, or enjoy an edible alongside their meal.

ENJOY Shots are the edible that sparked this hopeful day-dream, and it’s very simple to see why. This edible is a small, water based beverage. Each serving is less than an ounce of liquid that contains 5 mg of Cannabinoids. The product’s crisp, light flavor is easy to sip straight from the bottle, mix into mocktails, or splash into any beverage. It’s a great alternative for those who do not have the time to manage a hangover or those who choose to abstain, because they can still indulge in a drink along with their friends minus the alcohol.

Now, let’s take the novelty of having a Cannabis Mocktail in your hand one step further, and imagine what it would be like to be served a Cannabis Mocktail rather that a cocktail during a night on the town!

The perks are endless. No stomach upset, no hangover the next day, no calling your ex, no embarrassing volatile emotions, and a great night’s sleep because you aren’t waking up in the middle of the night to chug water or pray to the porcelain god! It’s a win/win, really. It isn’t too far of a stretch to say that ENJOY Shots could be the future of “The Night/Club Scene”.

Now, we understand that Cannabis is most commonly related to relaxation, so it might be hard to picture such a scene. But let’s be honest, those who think Cannabis’ effects wouldn’t be down right enjoyable in the “Club Scene”, haven’t found the right sativa! Most commonly known for its energetic experience, Sativa’s are great for both active and interactive environments. Music sounds great, chatting with your friend’s is more interesting than ever, and dancing is fun! Sativa is the perfect compliment to an upbeat environment.

What’s even better about Cannabis, though, is that different strains offer different effects for the user. This means that you can cater your night to the vibe you desire. Think about this: A six course meal while enjoying the effects of cannabis. Fast acting edibles would be the perfect start to a delicious dining experience.

Hopefully we can all look forward to a future where these dreams can come true!

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