10 reasons on-the-go parents prefer ENJOY

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

ENJOY shots are a waterbased edible that are gaining popularity among Oregon Dispensaries

The popularity of ENJOY shots are gaining ground quickly. With it's light, crisp flavor and clean, even effects, it's easy to see why. But, did you know that ENJOY shots were created by parents: Andy and Sara, with other parents' convenience in mind?

"We wanted an edible that was safe and convenient to have in our own home." Says Sara, who co-owns ENJOY with her husband Andy. "We put a lot of thought into that aspect of our edibles."

Thanks to their innovative thinking, parents across Oregon are ENJOYing (excuse the pun) cannabis with out the anxieties that usually accompany consuming the herb.

10 reasons on-the-go parents enjoy ENJOY

1.They are Smoke Free

The biggest and most important benefit of any edible is that consumers can avoid tarnishing their lungs with the harmful effects of smoke! For parents, this benefit is greatly multiplied because not only are you sparing your own lungs, but your child’s as well. Most consumers have to find the time to separate themselves from thier families in order to spare their children from second hand smoke. With ENJOY shots, it’s as simple as opening, dosing, and then carefully sealing and storing in a safe, unreachable area.

2. They have child proof caps

Just in case you’d forgotten to put your ENJOYshot in a safe, unreachable area, ENJOYshots have already taken an extra precaution by adding childproof caps. Accidents happen, so child proof caps are a must.

3. They are discreetly packaged

ENJOY shots are small discreet bottles that fit in most pockets. They travel light and do not need to be refrigerated, making taking them with you that much easier. Plus, it’s odorless, so no one will notice the sweet, pungent aroma of cannabis in your midst.

4. They are affordably priced.

Ranging from $9-$12 a bottle, ENJOY shots are extremely affordable for parents on a budget. Each bottle contains 10 servings and each serving is 5mg! Isn’t that a bang for your buck?

5. They are easy to dose

ENJOY shots Have an easy dosing measurement located on the side of the bottle. Each serving size is marked, and each serving has 5 mg. If you already know how many milligrams is perfect for you, then you will have no problem dosing! However, ENJOY suggests beginning with one serving. Then, you may adjust the serving to your situation or preference. Say one serving is a little bit too much for you, try half a serving! Or you’ve decided to stay in for the night and have no more responsibilities; maybe two servings is the right amount for you.

It’s all easily measured directly on the bottle.

6. They are fast acting

Most edibles take 45 minutes to an hour to kick in, sometimes longer depending on how quickly your body digests the edible. It's a cold hard fact that most parents don't have the time to plan that far ahead just to enjoy an edible! ENJOY shots are water-based, so they absorb quickly in the upper GI tract. This means that the waiting period is significantly less. Most people say it takes 10-15 miniutes to feel effects.

Time is of the essence when you are a busy parent!

7. They are a healthy edible option

Most edibles you encounter come in the form of cookies, brownies, gummies and so on. Not only are these options high in calories and sugar, but they are extremely tempting to a child with sweets on their mind. These discreet beverages only have 2 calories per serving and are vegan, gluten free and completely free of corn syrup and artificial flavors!

8. They are easily diluted

Enjoy shots come in a variety of light, crisp, bubbly flavors that mix well with almost any beverage. So, if the bottles aren't discrete enough for you, you can mix a serving into an even more discreet bottled beverage. Just make sure that you keep an eye on it! On the other hand, maybe you would rather the edible's effects take place gradually, try mixing it into your drink and sipping on it. Because the flavor is so light and crisp, and the dosing sizes are so small, ENJOY shots are a delight to add to beverages.

9. There are different varieties

Enjoy shots have several different flavors and strains. There is a shot for almost every need. Shots can venture from Indica's, to relax after a long day with the kids, or sativas, to stimulate your mind once you've finally caught a break. Needing some relief? Try the CBD berry or the 1:1, a 50/50 blend of THC and CBD for ultimate relief and relaxation. They even come equipped with the "LOVE" shot, A 2/1 blend of THC and CBD that is combined with the widely known aphrodisiac: Maca Root. It's hard enough to find time for intimacy as a parent, why not ENJOY it?(another pun. Sorry, not sorry!)

10. ENJOY Is a family owned business

You heard it! ENJOY Cannabis Company is owned by two young parents who have a dream, and strive every day to make that dream a reality! Many people love the familial importance that drives ENJOY to be who they are. Not only is ENJOY family owned and operated, but Sara and Andy make an effort to support other family owned an operated business by purchasing as locally as possible and employing families with like-minded aspirations! When you purchase ENJOY, you are supporting families who support families!

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