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fast acting water based

cannabis shots


vegan / gluten free / low sugar / ALL Natural / 2 calories

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full spectrum nug run extract crafted from seed to bottle all on the ENJOY FARm.

ENJOY Single source Cannabis products.  

healthy cannabis edible .png

EASY ON THE GO micro-dose


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Health conscious edibles

sustainably produced

easy dose / pump top / All Natural / Great tasting tinctures  

ENJOY is a family owned and operated business born and raised in Oregon.  At the ENJOY farm we take great pride in planting, growing, harvesting and extracting

full -spectrum, nug run CO2 extract in house.

Our mission is to provide our customers with premium

quality health conscious cannabis at an affordable price. 


We value sustainable practices, use minimal

packaging, and support Oregon local

businesses to keep our impact low so 

we can all enjoy.  


Fast Effects and maximum absorption,

while easy on the stomach. 

healthy cannabis edible .png